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We have a large selection of beautiful lamps for every need. You will find lamps from brands such as Secto, Verpan, Le Klint, Lyfa, Gubi, Nuura and many more. Welcome - and enjoy.

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Shapes, colors and shapes

In Denmark, we have a long tradition of design and craftsmanship, and aesthetics and functionality usually go hand in hand here. It's fascinating how many beautiful details there can be in such a relatively small object. A lamp is far from just a screen with a bulb in it. Light play, shapes, materials, colors, small folds and several layers are played with. Everything is worked through to perfection, and there is absolutely nothing that has not been thought of. Multiple designer lamps are a work of art in themselves and you can use them to create personality and put edge into your decor. Do not be afraid to try something wild, especially if your decor consists primarily of clean lines and toned down colors. A flashy pendant lamp over the dining table or an architectural table lamp can be just what puts the finishing touches on the space in question.

Do not forget the small rooms

No room is too small for a nice lamp. Maybe you focus most on having good lighting by the make-up mirror in the bathroom , or you just want light so you can tie your shoelaces in the hallway or backyard. But why not beat two birds with one stone and at the same time get the design right into the corners of the home?
In a completely stylish home, even the smallest details have been taken into account, and with a beautiful designer lamp, you can go a long way. A beautiful ceiling lamp in the bedroom can both provide a pleasant light, but can also be what makes the room feel complete. Is a lamp of good quality and timeless design is a good investment that can decorate the home for years.

Make a safe trade and get the perfect lamp

Whether you are looking for an outdoor lamp , a  floor lamp  or a smart work lamp , you can find it here at Jacobsen Møbler. The selection is large and there is something for everyone. If you need a smart  desk  for the work lamp, you will find a stylish selection with us. Ordering your desired product is an easy process, and our e-branded webshop is 100% safe to use. Of course, you have a 30-day right of return and a 2-year full right of complaint if something, against all expectations, is not as it should be. 


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                          I Aabenraa finder du vores store butik på 3300 kvm. Vi står altid klar til at give dig en personlig og tryg betjening, hvor det kun er dig, der er i fokus. Sammen finder vi ud af hvilke produkter, der kan fuldende dit hjem – uanset om det er nye møbler eller moderne interiør i populære designs, der skal sætte prikken over i’et.

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